Final exam

Procedures and deadlines for the final exam

In accordance with the national regulation, the final exam commission has to have at least two external evaluators. Here are listed the deadlines regarding the final exam:

  1. The tutor has to communicate to the PhD school the name of the two external evaluators (in the case of Doctor Europaeus they must necessarily be foreign) in time for the dedicated faculty meeting;
  2. By November 30th the PhD students send their thesis to the reviewers together with the module for the compilation of the judgement (download below);
  3. By December 31st the reviewers communicate their judgement;
  4. By January 30th the PhD students submit their PhD thesis to the Dean with the reviewers’ comments;
  5. Between the half of February and the half of March the PhD students will take the final exam;

Note: to request the title of Doctor Europaeus, at the end of the mandatory stay abroad, and not over the third year of school, the PhD student’s tutor requests to the PhD school the release of the Doctor Europaeus certificate (if the necessary requirements are met, as listed here).