Biomedical Engineering - AIMS


The aim of the Master of Science course in Biomedical Engineering is to train professionals who are able to operate efficiently in all healthcare sectors, from universities and research centres, to clinics and industries.

The course is suitable for students who have a good knowledge of English and a keen interest in team work.

The MSc programme builds on the basic knowledge that the student has acquired during the three-year Bachelor’s degree course in Biomedical Engineering, or other equivalent courses, and enhances and integrates this with more specialized contents which are applicable to traditional or innovative sectors.

All the lectures, training and materials, are delivered to students in English by  Italian and International professors from European universities.  In this way, students will not only gain more scientific expertise, but will also learn to be more open to   an international scenario.

The MSc in Biomedical Engineering will focus mainly on developing specific skills regarding bioengineering applications for motor and cardiovascular systems, expertise on advanced techniques of modern bioinformatics and bioimaging and the  related computational tools for scientific research in biomedical and biological fields. At the same time  it will provide insight into the modelling and control of the metabolic system. The students will also be able to choose from a wide range of other subjects,  such as bionanotechnology, biomaterials, problem-solving related to the electrical and electromagnetic safety of biomedical equipment, medical statistics, ICT applications for domotics and the monitoring of everyday tasks. In addition the course will ensure an enhanced understanding of mathematics and automatic controls applied to bioengineering.