Biomedical Engineering


The Master of Science (MSc) course in Biomedical Engineering, taught in English, enhances the knowledge that the student has already acquired during the   three-year Bachelor's Degree Course in Biomedical Engineering.  Using  an  interdisciplinary approach this course prepares engineers who can operate in all healthcare sectors, from universities and research centres, to clinics and industries.

The main aim of the  course is therefore to train professionals who can operate in a wide variety of fields thanks to a  thorough understanding of advanced engineering disciplines based on methodological and operational aspects of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, which can be applied to different areas of clinical practice and biomedical research, such as:

  • processing and interpretation of  biomedical signals and data with particular reference to motor and cardiovascular disorders,
  • bioimaging with particular reference to the brain,
  • models of physiological control systems,
  • assistive robotics,
  • bioinformatics applied to the modelling of complex biological systems.