Environmental Engineering - Tuition fees a.a. 2021-2022


International students, who are not resident in Italy and enroll to a Master Degree program in Univpm, can apply for ISEE parificato in order to have a reduction on tuition fees, by going to one of the Centers for Fiscal Assistance (CAF) the University has a special agreement with.

Non-UE students who can’t apply for ISEE parificato, don’t have to pay the maximum fee but the Isee value will be conventionally set at € 13.001, for citizens of one of the developing Countries, or at € 24.000, for all other non-UE students.

Please, use the Tuition Fee Calculator to calculate the fees applicable to you.

Further information about tuition fees, updated to a.y. 2021-2022, are published here in Univpm website.

Moreover, international students can obtain a scholarship given by Univpm (have a look at Scholarship for international students) or by ERDIS Marche.

More information about next academic year will be published later on.