European PhD

Doctor Europaeus certification

Doctor Europaeus is an additional certification to the PhD title that is released at national level. This certification has to respect the conditions of the European University Association (EUA).

The list of the participating countries can be found on the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) website, on the members page.

The additional Doctor Europaeus certification can be released by the university, by resolution of the Faculty Council, when the following four conditions are valid:

  1. The PhD thesis should be the result of a working and research period of at least 3 months carried out abroad in an EU country;
  2. The PhD thesis has to receive a positive mark by at least two referees, appointed by the Faculty Council, belonging to foreign universities of two different EU countries; the reports from the referees will be attached to the final exam report;
  3. At least one of the components of the commission has to belong to a foreign EU university;
  4. The PhD thesis has to be presented in a language different from Italian.


  1. As soon as possible, at the end of the stay abroad, and in any case no later than July 31st of the third year, the tutor of the PhD student should request to the Doctoral School the release of the Doctor Europaeus certification.
  2. The tutor has to communicate the two referees’ names to the Doctoral School in time for the Teachers Council meeting that has to decide the admission to the final exam (around mid-October);
  3. By November 30th the PhD students have to send the thesis to the referees, together with the module for the compilation of judgement (it can be downloaded below);
  4. By December 31st the referees communicate their mark;
  5. By January 30th the PhD students present to the Dean the PhD thesis, with the referee reports;
  6. Between mid-February and mid-March the PhD students take the final exam;
  7. The release of the certification of “Doctor Europaeus” takes place afterwards by the PhD and Research Division.

Evaluation form by foreign referees