Didattica specifica del corso in Ingegneria Industriale (2022-23)




Courses hours 






Advanced and collaborative robotics 




Giacomo Palmieri 


Nov./Dec. 2022 


Probability and Statistics. 




Roberto Perdicca 


Jan./Feb. 2023 


Renewable energy for sustainable development 




Fabio Polonara 


February 2023 


Smart grids 




Mosè Rossi 


March 2023 

Global vs local2Giorgio Passerini March 2023

Techniques of Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) 




Marco Farina 


March 2023 

Numerical Simulations and Machine Learning Techniques




Mariano Pierantozzi and Giovanni Mazzuto 


May 2023 


Kinetic models and the Monte Carlo method for charge transport in semiconductor materials





Marco Coco


June 2023 

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An overview on the energy transition: from the boost of renewables to the local and smart use of energy.

Prof. Fabio Polonara, Prof. Passerini and Dr. Mosè Rossi


Thursday, February 23 (h. 17-19), Room B+

Renewable energies for a sustainable development. Prof. Fabio Polonara.

Thursday, March 2 (h. 15-17), Room B+

Sustainable development: the role of hydrogen. Prof. Fabio Polonara.

Thursday, March 9 (h. 15-17), Room B+

Energy storage systems and hydrogen: a new challenge for the future energy scenarios. Dr. Mosè Rossi.

Thursday, March 16 (h. 15-17), Room B+

Local Energy Communities (LECs): concepts, architectures, and future outlook for a new way of thinking the energy. An overview of both European and Italian situation. Dr. Mosè Rossi.

Global vs. Local: why and how we killed so many people to save the World. Prof. Giorgio Passerini.

Thursday, March 30 (h. 16-18), Room B+

Sustainable development: is nuclear energy the right choice? Prof. Fabio Polonara.

Thursday, April 13 (h. 15-17), Room B+



Kinetic models and the Monte Carlo method for charge transport in semiconductor materials.

Prof. Marco Coco


The timetable of the course is as follows:

05/06/2023 10.30-13.30

07/06/2023 10.30-13.30

09/06/2023 10.30-13.30

12/06/2023 10.30-13.30

13/06/2023 10.30-13.30

14/06/2023 10.30-13.30

15/06/2023 11.00-13.00


The lectures will be taken at Room 155-B at DIISM.